好久没浏览,输入URL都有些内疚。先看到Jeremy Andrews的申明,说他九月份不会更新了,因为要搬家。然后看到一篇Linux: 2.6.16.y Lives On,开头全是历史知识普及(懒,不翻译了):

  “The Linux kernel development model changed a couple of years ago at the 2004 Kernel Summit [story]. At that time it was decided that as a team Linus Torvalds and Andrew Morton [interview] were doing a great job together maintaining the 2.6 kernel, using Andrew’s -mm kernel as a staging area with new features being allowed into the mainline kernel and ultimate stabilization left up to Linux distributions. In March of 2005, Greg KH and Chris Wright began maintaining a -stable patchset [story], accepting small, focused patches fixing real bugs or security issues……”

  这么多久违的人名和补丁包,有点激动。脑子里过电影,都是本科时代的情节:天天关注lkml和-mm更新;逃课去听AKA的内核分析;飞到深圳打工,往盒子里移植linux内核,宿舍的哥们帮我应付点名和作业;超崇拜Robert Love……

  刚听说Andrew Morton去Google了,一晃我的joyfire.net也三年没维护了,晕。这次pFind集群版的是个好机会,可以借此重新熟悉Linux开发。

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