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  科学家从6800万年前的暴龙化石中成功鉴定出了胶原蛋白,蛋白分析结果也进一步佐证了鸟类起源于恐龙的进化理论。论文发表在2007年4月13日出版的Science(VOL 316 SCIENCE 280-285)上。鉴定这些胶原蛋白用的是离子阱串联质谱技术,软件是SEQUEST。文章后面说:

  “The fact that sequenceable collagen was very abundant in the mastodon sample, which could be approximately half a million years old, also sheds light on the fact that sequenceable protein lasts much longer than 1 million years.”


  “As technologies become more refined and protein extraction techniques are optimized, more informative material may be recovered. This holds promise for future work on other fossil material showing similar preservation, but also demonstrates a method for obtaining protein sequences from rare or endangered extant organisms whose genomes have note been sequenced. The MS- and bioinformatics-based approach we have used can be applied not only to obtain sequences from extinct organisms, but also to obtain protein sequences from extant organisms whose genomes have not been sequenced and to discover mutations in diseased tissues such as cancers.”